All-new layouts, oodles of display options, and modern touch to your brand. 

The makers of your Subscription Plus app have worked hard to turn your business to the full blast. Whether you get kicks from switching the color of your layouts or changing the style of display in a click — we’ve got you covered. 

Widget settings:

There are now more ways to personalize the look of your subscription offerings. You can now add multiple subscription benefits, link your subscription policy, choose the default selected option, the subscription details icon color, and more!

Widget templates

Present your subscription options in new styles. You may select one of the seven templates:

  1. Radio (Modern dropdown)
  2. Radio Group (Modern card)
  3. Tile (Classic tile 1)
  4. Tile Group (Classic tile 2)
  5. Button (Split tile)
  6. Button Group (Modern button)
  7. and more!

Preview widget:

Under customize theme settings > preview section automatically reflects any changes you make to your widget settings, allowing you to perfect your customizations before committing to them!

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