Customize your subscription offerings using our new widget layouts

Start by visiting the Display settings in your Shopify store's Settings tab of the Subscription Plus app.

Click on the Advance Widget dropdown menu.

Choose the Activate button. 

Follow the instructions in the modal below to get started with customizations:

If you have a

1. Shopify Legacy theme

The following steps will add new files to your store’s theme files.

For configuration, go to the theme editor by selecting the Theme section button, as shown below: 

You will be redirected to a new page, where you need to click on Theme settings, in the left bottom corner of the page. 

You will be displayed a side menu. Stay on the Theme tab of the Theme settings side menu and select the Subscription Plus Widget.

Choose a product that has a Subscription plan activated and then you can review and customize Advance Widget Layout, by opting-in to the Show Advance Widget checkbox, on the right side of the page. 

You can customize layout colors, font sizes, text colors, component colors, etc to match your store's branding.

After changing them, save your changes and view them in the preview of your chosen theme (theme preview).

You're all set!

Note: Please review your changes in the theme preview instead of the theme editor. This is because it takes more time for the theme editor to reflect these changes.

If your store has a

2. Shopify 2.0 theme (block support enabled)

Note: In case block support is not activated for Shopify 2.0 theme, you must activate  it as shown below.

Once the block support is enabled and you have clicked on the Activate button in the Advance Widget dropdown, you'll be redirected to the theme editor, by choosing the Theme section button.

Click on Subscription Plus Widget to see all the configurations.

Here you can switch to Advance Widgets using the Show Advance Widget checkbox.

You can customize the font properties, and component properties, like color, size, shadow, etc.

Click on the Save button and view your final Layout in the theme preview section.

You're all set!


1. How to add multiple subscription benefits in Advance Widget?

In the Add subscription benefits message field, add multiple benefits with <ul> and <li> tags as shown below:

2. How to add a subscription policy link?

In the Add subscription policy text field, add a link to your subscription policy wherever you like with <a> tag. See the example below:

<a href=”your policy link here”> Policy link </a>

Note: You can always switch to the Default Layouts by unchecking the Show Advance Widget checkbox and customizing your Layout from the Subscription Plus Dashboard.