Can I temporarily disable the app?

Yes, you can do it on the dashboard page, just like in the image below.

Is there any way to keep the survey question as not required in the Survey? I found that it is mandatory to keep at least one question as required?

We are sorry to inform you, but this is the basic logic of the application and it cannot be changed. It is compulsory to keep at least one question as required in the Survey.

How can I enable and disable email notifications?

In the email settings, you can enable/disable your email notifications, add an email address, and customize the email subject and email body content that will be sent whenever a customer submits a form, as shown here. 

Can I enable/disable a Survey question?

Yes, in the app settings you can find a radio-button option to enable/disable a question that you have added to the survey.

Can I edit the survey questions as per my preference?

Yes, in the app general settings, you will find an edit button beside a particular question to edit it.

How can I add more questions to my survey form?

In the application general settings, there is an 'Add New' button to add a question in the survey form, as shown here. Here, you can add new questions, edit the existing ones, define the form title and the success message. Additionally, you can see the Survey preview if you click on the "Preview" button, right below your survey questions in the general settings section.

I want to change the title of the survey form, is it possible to do so?

Yes. In the application general settings, under the 'Basic Settings' there is a Form Title editor where you can do that.

I would like to add a custom success message for form submission.

In the application general settings, under the 'Basic Settings' will find the Form Success Message editor where you can change the success message.

Do I have options when it comes to positioning the survey in the thank you page?

Yes, you have several options to choose from. In the general settings option, you will find the position settings where you can select the position of your survey, as shown here. We have also added a custom option for the positioning of the survey and now you can add the survey form anywhere on the "Thank you" page by adding your id and class element.

Are there any possibilities to apply a custom css for design change in the survey form?

Yes, in the application settings there is an "Advance Theming" section to apply the Custom CSS, as shown here.

NOTE: <style> tags are NOT required.

I would like to receive an email notification on survey form submission, how can I do this?

In the application general settings, there is an Email notifications section. You will see an option to enable/disable the form submission email notifications there. Also, you are able to add the notification Email address, Subject and Body content, as shown here.

Why is the app not loading?

Many times, due to the third party cookies, the apps keep on loading and never reach an end. In this case, you simply need to block third-party cookies from your browser.

If you’re using Chrome, here’s a guide on blocking third party cookies.

If you’re using Safari, here’s the complete guide to blocking third party cookies in safari.

Once you’ve blocked the cookies, simply reload the app. Even after this if the issue continues, contact our support executives at