1. Where do I find my file attachments?

Your form results are saved within the app as well as on your notification email. You can also check for the attachments in your email.

2. Where do I find my form results data if I uninstall your app?

Please don’t forget to Export your form submission details before attempting to uninstall our app. We can retrieve back your data until 48 hours of uninstalling. If you reinstall the app, the data will not be added back automatically. You can recover the lost records by contacting our customer support team within 48 hours.

3. Change the default info@hulkapps.com sending domain

In order to add a custom sending domain, you must have a Pro account. If you haven’t got one, please upgrade your plan. The Pro version comes with a 6 day free trial.

Please go to the Sending Domain Settings under the Global Settings dropdown menu

4. Things to keep in mind before you begin?

1. Our Form Builder App is GDPR compliant.
2. Each form has a unique short-code regardless of how many times you make updates or changes to it. Just paste the code once.
3. Each Form Element name must be unique.
4. Every time a user Creates/edits a form, then it will be frozen for a minute as we are changing the form functionality from Static to Dynamic.
5. Never use an apostrophe ( ' ) character punctuation mark in the form's fields. Example 6. Use a "Line Break Element" to separate sections in your form. To add a message box, choose the Paragraph Text Element and specify the max "characters" allowed in the input.
7. Discard unused field Elements to avoid any errors in saving the form.
8. Ensure all the selected Elements contain Values and are not left blank. Otherwise, you will face an error: "Provide all required data".
9. To display your Auto Responder message don't forget to check this box. Example
10. "File Upload" Element allows 1-file to be uploaded, in any format. To use this Element multiple times, just give unique Field Names for each file upload field.
11. "Image Upload" Element allows multiple images to be uploaded at once. Press CTRL or CMD key to select images.
12. Use a "Single Line Text " Element for requesting Contact Numbers from your website visitors.
13. Use a "Spacer" Element in between 2 half-width fields to create an easier-to-use layout.
14. In order to receive email notifications on any form submissions, check this box. Example
15. Use the "Label" Element to add headings.
16. After saving your form, paste the code to the HTML format in the Content area. Example
17. To never miss notifications, we recommend testing responses with your main notification email and another alternate as a backup.
18. Contact your service provider in case you are not getting notifications on the desired email address. Usually, it's because of Policy set filters within an organization.
19. The default email will be populated for Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, in case of a blank response to an E-mail Field. However, the same is not true for Help desk software like systems like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zoho, etc.
20. We support 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', and 'SVG' files for Image Upload.

5. How can I move the fields in a form?

Moving a field in Form Builder is an easy process. Simply follow these steps:

1. Go to the app dashboard
2. If you’ve already created the form & want to tweak it a little, then navigate to Manage Forms > My Current Forms or click on Customize Form under My Current Form on the dashboard.
3. It’ll take you to the form collection page, where all the forms you created are listed. Click on the edit icon on the form you want to update
4. Next is to modify the form fields. So, directly move to step#2 i.e CONTENT.
5. Click on Form Elements and you’ll find a list of fields used in our form.
6. Now, simply click on a two-ended arrow icon and drag the field & place it wherever you want to display it in the form.

6. Why aren’t any form submissions delivered to my email address?

The mail service you are using might not be supported by the mailing services that we are using for sending you notifications. Please create a mail address with Gmail, YMail!, Outlook, AOL, etc.

7. Why aren’t any form responses being sent to my notification email address?

Please make sure your email service provider has not rejected your email due to Policy or due to Security reasons (which will happen with Microsoft Outlook). You could double-check your spam folder. We also request you test with an alternate email. Kindly contact our support team with your Shopify store URL so we can check on our server for the exact reason for the rejection.

8. When using Form Builder in a Safari web browser, sometimes I can’t access the app and it says I need to look into my cookie setting. How do I fix this?

When using the Form Builder application in Safari, you will have to make sure to enable 3rd party cookies from your cookie settings.

9. Unable to access the application dashboard on Safari browser, it keeps redirecting and bringing back to the Shopify apps page.

If a webpage redirects too many times, it might have been set up in a way that is causing a redirect loop. The issue might also relate to outdated redirect information in your browser cache or cookies. To find out:/p>

In your Safari browser:

  • Choose Safari > Preferences from the Safari menu bar.

  • Click the Privacy icon.

  • Click Manage Website Data.

  • Click 'Remove All' to remove stored data for every website you've visited in Safari.

  • Click Done, then close Safari preferences.

  • Now, the user will be redirected to the Store login page. Kindly log into your store and navigate to the Shopify apps list and try accessing our app again.