Google Captcha validates human users and protects any form submission from bots. You can also enable Captcha and select its position in your Contact form. All you need to do is enable this feature from the Customize Form settings, under Customize Fields.

Your form will look like this when Captcha is enabled:

In your admin notification, It notifies the Admin whenever a user submits the Contact Form. By default, your store’s Account email will be used as form Recipient email address. You may update it later on from the form settings.

Simple Contact Us Form App has pretty much any type of Contact form field that you might need to capture customer contact. Users are allowed to enable or disable the field as per their requirements.

There are 6 single-line fields and 1 paragraph field. You can edit the default names according to your choice.

The app allows you to customize the form & change the look & feel to make it just like another page of your website.

You can pick a background color, upload a background image and pick your favorite input label style and customize the input field with various options.

Your CTA button settings are presented below:

You can customize your form header. By default, we have 9 font types, up to 72px font size, and bold, italic, etc font styles.

You can set a personalized message that suits your store branding. Locate this setting under Customize Form as shown here:


Also, you can

Find all submission records in one place within the app’s Submissions page.

Quick Find: You also have the choice of searching your submission details by entering the value.

Not only that, the Recipient will receive an email with submission details every time someone submits their contact details.

On the Gmail service provider, your submissions would look something like this:

Through the Advanced CSS styling, Provide custom styling to your form with the Advanced CSS block. This is for developers who have some coding knowledge. The feature can be seen here:

Also, you are able to add Google Analytics code, Facebook Pixel, and Bing UET code.

Collect, manage and route your form data easily with our export feature.

Just click on the Export button, to download all submission records to date.

Thank you!!