How do I place the code? 

Please go to Online store --> Pages and then go to "Add page" as shown here

Once you’ve copied the code from the settings page in the Contact us app, go to this new contact page, and click on <> to open the HTML format, and paste the code in it. And press <> again, as shown in the video.

Note: You only have to paste the code once on a page. If you make any additional edits to your form in the future, you don’t have to replace the code again.

Is the number of form submissions limited?

There is no limit to the number of form submissions. Our app lets you store unlimited respondent data within our AWS server database.

Can I create multiple forms?

Simple Contact Us Form App was built for making intuitive Contact forms for Contact Us page. That’s why it can only allow you to create one single contact form per store.

However, we’ve got another app by HulkApps that can help you build an unlimited number of forms in a store. It’s the Form Builder App.

Form title and description

Our app lets you update the header section on the Contact form in a few simple steps.

In the Settings page, there is a text editor where you can define the form title and description, as shown here.

File upload field

We do not offer a file upload field in our Simple Contact Us Form App. However, you can use Form Builder App to insert the file upload option. This feature is available for free.

Address field with country dropdown selection?

There is no Address field with State/Country selection dropdown.

However, with our Form Builder App, you will get pre-build address fields.

Number field

By default, we wanted merchants to be able to capture phone number only, but these are just single-line number fields. You could use it to populate other numeric answers. Example “How many pets?”

Bulk export

You can export submitted records in Excel and CSV format, as shown here. Once downloaded on your computer, you can save the data in your CMS.

Character limit

There is no character limit set for any of the fields.

Adding new fields

Since the purpose of building this app was to make it as simple as possible, there is no option to add new fields or duplicate an existing field.

Rename fields

You can add any label to the single line fields and 1 paragraph field. The app supports all languages.

Change field positions

You can’t drag to move the fields position. The fields positions are fixed in our app. In case you want to get the flexibility of moving fields according to your choice, you could try out Form Builder App.

Rename fields

You could create your form in any other language, not just in English.

Why is the app not loading?

Many times, due to the third party cookies, apps keep on loading and never reach an end. In this case, you simply need to block third-party cookies from your browser.

If you’re using Chrome, here’s a guide on blocking third party cookies.

If you’re using Safari, here’s the complete guide to blocking third party cookies in safari.

Once you’ve blocked the cookies, simply reload the app. Even after this if the issue continues, contact our support executives at