• Shopify Functions allow developers to customize how Shopify works. Our app now uses these functions to show how they operate and their benefits. Shopify Functions are flexible, ensuring a smooth integration without any issues. The app's latest update on the Shopify function will allow the merchant to use them for better customization of the discount types in their Shopify store.

    The App has been developed and deployed on the Shopify function. The use of Shopify Functions to make a "Volume discount" gives a percentage off when customers buy more than a certain quantity of each product, resulting in a functional discount ready to use. This enables the creation of Automatic Discounts in Shopify, automatically applying them to orders when customers add the specified product or reach a certain order amount.

    This allows the merchant to effortlessly make and personalize the discount type using the function, avoiding the restrictions associated with the app's draft order API logic.

  • Moving out from the Draft Order API logic: Initially, the app was developed to operate based on the logic of the Draft Order API, bringing its advantages and limitations.

    However, Shopify has limitations on Draft orders:
    - Such as the inability to combine other discount codes,
    - The absence of a discount code box on the checkout page,
    - No 'Return to cart' link,
    - No cart link in the top navigation,
    - And a non-clickable store logo on the checkout page.

    To overcome these constraints, we have introduced an app that utilizes Shopify functions to address and fix these limitations.

  • Introducing Bundle and Buy X Get Y offer types: In addition to the usual discount types like Product, Variant, Collection, and Cart/Order discounts, the app now enables merchants to create Bundle and Buy X Get Y discount offers.
    Bundle Discount: A Bundle discount provides a discount when purchasing a combination or group of products.
    Example: Purchase a shirt, jeans, and shrug to enjoy a 25% discount; Buy 2 lipsticks and receive a FREE eyeliner.

    Buy X Get Y: This offer type provides gifts or discounted items with the purchase of specific product(s).
    Example: Purchase X+Y for a 50% discount on Y; Buy X and receive Y as a gift.

  • Function Limitation:  The primary constraint is that Shopify functions are unable to generate more than 5 active offers. The Shopify Function is not compatible with the Hulk Product Options App since the Options App works on the Draft Order API logic.

    If the product is eligible for two discount offers, for example, our Buy X Get Y offer and a discount code offer, Shopify will apply the higher discount at the checkout.

    For managing Product Options, use the SC Product Options fka Bold App, seamlessly compatible with Shopify functions. This app enables customers to apply discount codes directly on the checkout page.

    To know more about the Volume Discount Function, please reach out to the support here or write us at help@hulk-support.com