Facing Issues

After Automatic Installation, a table/grid is not appearing on the Product page, or on the discount amount does not reflect on the Cart Page?

Then make sure each theme differs in terms of logic and coding, they might have different templates for their product and cart pages. So, we need to do manual installation in this case.

If the table/grid are not visible on your product page, you need to identify your product template file for your respecitve theme, and manually place the following shortcode (liquid code) in the template:

<div class="hulkapps-volumes"></div>

If the offer is not visible on your cart page, you need to identify your cart template, and replace the following shortcodes (liquid codes) with Volume Boost codes:

1. Item Price code

                Replace {{ item.price | money }} with:

               <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-price" data-key="{{item.key}}"> {{item.price | money                  }}</span>

             2. Line Item Price code

                Replace {{ item.line_price | money }} with:

                <span class="hulkapps-cart-item-line-price" data-key="{{item.key}}">{{                                             item.line_price | money }}</span>

              3. Total Price code
                Replace {{ cart.total_price | money }} with:

               <span class="hulkapps-cart-original-total" data-key="{{item.key}}">{{ cart.total_price                  | money }}</span>

  •  App conflicts due to existing code / similar app

If you have used an app with similar functionality and you have uninstalled it as you opted out for our App, there might be some leftover shortcodes of that deleted App in your theme which prevents our app from working properly. Due to this, we recommend completely removing the aforementioned. You either need to contact the other app developers to get this done for you or, in case you do not remember the app you used in the past, contact our Support Team at help@hulk-support.com; we’ll be more than happy to get this done for you.