With the Volume Discount Functions app, you can easily create attractive bundle offers by grouping products together and applying discounts or offering free products. Here’s how you can set up a bundle offer.

Step 1: Select Products for the Bundle

To start, choose the products you want to include in the bundle. Select multiple products that complement each other to create an enticing offer for your customers.

Step 2: Choose the Discount Type

Once you have selected the products for your bundle, the next step is to decide on the discount type you want to apply. You have several options:

  • Percentage Discount: Apply a percentage discount to the total price of the bundle. For example, offer a 20% discount when customers purchase the bundle.
  • Price Discount: Apply a fixed amount discount to the total price of the bundle. For example, offer $10 off the total price of the bundle.
  • Free Product: Include one of the products in the bundle for free. For example, offer a free product when customers purchase the bundle.

Step 3: Customize Additional Settings

After setting up your bundle and choosing the discount type, you can customize additional settings to fine-tune your offer. Set the duration of the offer, specify any conditions, and adjust the display settings to ensure the bundle looks appealing on your store.

You can follow the video instructions here

By following these steps, you can create compelling bundle offers that encourage customers to purchase multiple products together, boosting your sales and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Experiment with different product combinations and discounts to find the most effective bundle offers for your store. Happy bundling!