This article includes all the snippets from the VolumeBoost app that will be added automatically with theme integration in your theme files. 

In some cases, the app snippets might not get added automatically due to the unique theme structure. This article has a list of those snippets that need to be added manually if the automatic theme integration doesn't work.

Product Page Snippet:

Include the Volume Discount table/grid snippet in the Product Page liquid file:

This snippet is placed to display the table/grid on the Product Page of your Shopify store.

Add the div code to your product.liquid, product-template.liquid, main-product.liquid, or product-form.liquid file

Place the following code and save it:

<div class="hulkapps-volumes"></div><div class="product-hulkapps-discount-code-html"></div>

Manually add  the snippets in the Cart Template of your theme:

Individually replace existing pricing snippets with HulkApps' unique snippets cart template. Skip this step if all the required snippets are present in your required theme.

Under Templates, select the cart.liquid template. (If your template contains sections, you will need to select the cart-template.liquid section instead.)

1. Item Price code: 

Find {{ item.price | money }} and add the below code before it:

data-hulkapps-ci-price data-key="{{item.key}}"

Identify the code for your item's price:

Find them in your cart page code file and replace them with the Item Pricing span.

2. Line Item Price code: 

Find {{ item.line_price | money }} and add the below code before it:

data-hulkapps-line-price data-key="{{item.key}}"

Find them in your cart page’s code file and add them with a Line Item pricing span.


3. Cart Total Price code:

Find {{ cart.total_price | money }} and add the below code before it: 


Find the span class in your cart page’s code file and add it with the Cart Total Pricing span.