New feature
Feb 07, 2023

Apply discount only on exact quantity added in the app offer

We are thrilled to announce that we have introduced a new feature within the offer to apply a discount Per Item in the cart or total items in the cart with the exact quantity mentioned in the quantity level.

Select discount type:  

Do you want to offer a discount per item or a discount for multiple items in the order?

We have got you both the options which you can now choose which fits best your requirement.


Select Discount Type


Per Item:

This discount type will help to create offers that will apply to each item in the order.

E.g. Buy 3 and get each product for $10.00
Buy 3 and get 10% Off on each product
Or Get $10.00 Off on each product

Per Item Discount


Bulk Items:

This discount type will help to create offers that will apply to the total items in the order.

E.g. Get 10% off on 2 products
Or Get 8 products for $800


Bulk Items Discount



Apply discount only on exact quantity mentioned in quantity level

This will not apply to the offer if the quantity value is in between the quantity range.


Add the exact quantity on which the discount should be applied



For example,

When a user adds 2 quantities to the cart, they will get 10% off on 2 products, 15% off on 5 products, and 20% off on 8 products.

NOTE: Discount will not apply at all if quantity value is in between quantity range.
If a user adds 3 or 4 quantities of products in the cart, they will not get 10% off, and so for other quantities which are not mentioned in the Quantity Level.

A user will only get a discount if the product quantities in the cart are added as specified in the quantity level which are 2, 5, and 8 quantities.

Language Settings:

Texts on the Bulk Item discounts can be updated for the product page as well as on the cart page under the settings tab of the app.

Product Page:

The texts on the Bulk Discount Type can also be updated from the App>>Settings>>Language Settings>>Bulk offer type a message on the product page

Cart Page:

Texts on the FOMO Reminder Message can be updated under the App>>Settings>>Cart Settings>>FOMO reminder message

We hope you love this feature that allows the customer to apply an offer Per Item or Bulk Item as well as on the mentioned quantity only in the offer quantity levels.



New feature
Aug 29, 2022

App is now fully compatible with Ajax Cart

We are excited to announce that the Volume Boost App is fully compatible with theme Ajax Cart types like Drawer, Notification, Mini, & Pop-Up.

The app offers can be applied and displayed in the Ajax drawer just as shown below:

What does it mean for you?

The customer can now use the Drawer to adjust the product quantities, see the FOMO message, cart upsell message, and apply the Shopify discount code within the Ajax drawer. The most important features is the ability to checkout directly without navigating to the cart page.

Please try this new feature if your theme is supporting Ajax Cart types and enjoy the new user experience.

How to make it work?

1. To apply the new changes please perform the Automatic Installation from the Support > Theme Integration tab and just apply to your preferred theme as shown below.

2. Make sure to enable the app from the Theme > Customize > App embeds.

We hope this feature will help you boost sales and create a smooth customer experience on your website.


New feature
Aug 04, 2022

August brings two new cool features!

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing the new 1.4.0 version of our app. 

What are we bringing to you with this new release?

Hide discount for a specific tag

Easily hide the discounts that you offer from any customer using tags.

You can find this feature when creating a new offer under the "other settings". You will see a checkbox called "Hide offer using customer tags". There you can add any customer tag you want and the discount will be hidden from them.

Check out this quick demo to see how:

Top performing offers report

Ever wondered which offer performs the best, and then had to manually go and check these things? Well, not anymore. 

From the quick look of the dashboard, you will now be able to see your top 5 performing offers.

Check how it looks right below:

Cards (2)
Core App Features
Hide discounts to specific Tag

Add an option to hide certain offers to specific tagged customers.

Admin App Enhancements
Reports > Top Performing offersReports > Top Performing Offers
May 28, 2022

Use Volume Discount App Effectively with New improvements

Discover new updates using the Volume Boost app within your app's Admin panel!

The App Admin panel has the following improvements: 

  • New offer display optionsImproved and user-friendly offer type design for each offer.

  • Navigate to the offer Now it has become super easy to know the product or collection has been added to which offer by simply navigating from the product or collection itself.

  • Search offers Searching offers hassle-free. Search any offer by offer name, offer type, product id, product name, variant id, variant name, collection id, and collection name.

  • Customer tag offer:  If an offer with a customer tag exists for the same product then we have updated the offer logic to apply such offer first on that product over the nontagged customer offer.

  • Few important details about the offers: It contains important parameters like Offer applied count, Revenue generated from the offer, Launch date of the offer, etc so that merchants can understand which offer is performing the best. We have not recorded these data before 1st June 2022, so consider all the information shown there after 1st June 2022.

Get started by using the App and trying out new improvements.

Eventually, you’ll find a combination of features that ensures you’re always delighted to use the App seamlessly.

Go ahead and explore all the new features from the Volume Boost App!

May 16, 2022

New integration: Looped in

The biggest goal for us here at HulkApps is to make our merchants’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. We have made that process more straightforward after years of adding features according to the merchants’ inputs with our Public Roadmaps!
This new integration comes with a high number of features.

  1. Public Roadmaps:
    You can now see our planned updates, features, integrations, etc. If you see something you wish to be done sooner, we encourage you to vote and leave comments on those features.

  2. Ideas section:
    If you need an unplanned feature or have an excellent idea for one of our apps, feel free to submit the concept - we promise we will do our best to deliver.

  3. Updates and articles:
    Each new update or piece of relevant information will be posted in our updates and articles area. Changelogs have been upgraded.

Bottom line:

We value your feedback and try hard to deliver the best possible results to our merchants; many great features are coming, so don’t miss them.