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Manage shipping profiles for your subscription products

Can I create two separate shipping rates for one product if I offer the same product as both a one-time product and a subscription product?

When you create a Shopify custom shipping profile in the Shipping and delivery section of a specific product’s settings, that shipping rate will be applied to both one-time items and subscription items. Unless you create specific shipping profiles for specific subscription plans within the Subscription Plus app.

NoteFor the same product, Shopify checkout will overwrite the Subscription Plus shipping profile conditions.

Scenario 1 

In this example, we have created a dummy shipping profile for a product with a $10 shipping charge using only the Shopify shipping profile module.

Therefore, shipping charges for this product, regardless of whether it’s a one-time or subscription product, will be the same, i.e. $10. 

Let’s create a shipping profile for subscription plans using the Subscription plus app as illustrated here.

Scenario 2

In this example, we have created a dummy shipping profile within the Subscription Plus module for a specific plan, which includes the same product as a subscription product with a $20 shipping charge. 

Consequently, on purchase of the subscription product, a $20 shipping fee will be charged.

However, since both Shopify's and our app's shipping profiles are active, if a customer buys the same product in the same order both as a one-time item and as a subscription item, then Shopify’s default shipping charge will be applied. In this case, it is $10.

Scenario 3

In this example, there are two different products in an order (subscription item + one-time item) and if different shipping profiles have been created for both of them (On Shopify as well as Subscription Plus), in that case, both shipping charges will be applied as shown below.