Our pricing is designed to grow with you so you can get maximum value no matter the size of your business until you’ve reached over $1000 in monthly subscriptions.

Our current free plan offers a zero-risk, usage-based plan that helps merchants grow by making sure you only pay for what you sell.  There are absolutely no setup fees or monthly fixed fees, and you can cancel anytime.

How are you charged:

Each month we check the revenue you’ve made from subscription orders.

If a store made more than $1000 from subscription orders in any month, they’ll  pay 1% (up to 1000) on the revenue above $1000). 

But, if the following month, their sales were lower and if a store made < $1000 from subscriptions, they won’t pay anything in that month.

Refer this article for more details. 

Since all charges from Subscriptions Plus are processed directly through Shopify, no further payment or billing action is required.