Shopify Online Store 2.0 Themes - Block support

Shopify Online store 2.0 theme users don’t require code placement for the Subscription Plus widget on their product pages. To make it work - the Subscription Plus widget can easily be enabled and placed right from the Theme Customization section.

Check out the steps below to understand how Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme works with the app:

Subscription Plus widget placement:

  1. Navigate to the Online Store section of your Shopify store, and under the Themes page, look for your preferred Shopify 2.0 theme that is compatible and click Customize.

  2. On the Theme Customization page, click Theme Settings in the bottom left corner. This enables you to customize the Shopify theme.

  3. Click on App embeds tab on the right side of the page under the Theme settings block, enable the Subscription Plus App and Save the settings.

  4. On Theme Editor select Products - Default product from the dropdown list.

  5. Click on Add block option on the left side. Select the Subscription Plus widget.

  6. NOTE: You can drag and drop the block to adjust the position of the widget and customization options to style it as per your preference. Move the subscription widget above the buy button (Preferred position).

  7. You can customize the widget looks and settings from the right-end side of your admin panel by clicking on the subscription widget option.

  8. Preview the Shopify storefront by selecting the View button from the Action menu in the top panel and locate the subscription widget added to your product page.

On the product page, the subscription widget will appear as shown below if you can't see the widget choose the product that is available in Subscription Plan you have created.

9. Next, select the Home page and add "Subscription resource" block in header and save it. 

10. Finally, navigate to the customer account page and add the "Subscription manage link" block in the app section.


1.  How to configure blocks for multiple product templates?

Suppose your store has different types of templates other than Shopify’s Default product. In that case, you must enable block and place the Subscription widget configure it in every template order to display Subscription Plus Widget.

Follow (Step 4 to Step 10) to set up a widget in every template.

All Other settings
Please update your preferences in the app’s admin panel, except for the widget customization.