Access Subscription shipping profiles  

  1. Select Settings in your app Admin Panel 
  2. Go to the 5th tab - Shipping Profile

Create shipping profile

Create the shipping profile by clicking Add new button.

  1. Add a name for your Shipping profile and select the Subscription products plan.
  2. Press Save.

  1. Optional step: If you ship products from multiple locations, select Manage under Shipping from to determine which location to ship this product from. Otherwise, your default location will be selected automatically.

Create Shipping Zone

  1. Enter a name for the shipping zone and choose the countries you would like to ship your subscription products to. Click Done to save your selection.

Specify the shipping rate

  1. Select Add rate to create the shipping rate. 
  2. Choose the Set up your own rates radio button.
  3. Add a rate name and set the price customers will pay for shipping. 
  4. Additionally, you can set specific conditions (i.e., based on Min to Max weight or order price)
  5. Click Done.