Enable/disable sales pop

-Is there a way to disable the recent order popups temporarily?

Under the application settings the first option you'll observe is to enable/disable the application.

Display criteria

-How can I set the display criteria for the recent order popups to appear on the store front end?

Under the application, settings menu look for the Display Order option. And in there you will find the options to set the display order for the recent order popups. Orders can be set on the basis of the following:

- Days

- Orders

- Custom Products

Display timing

-How can I configure the recent order popup's display timing?

In the application settings, you'll find the Display Options to set the relevant time (in seconds) to set the Notification Duration time, Initial Notification Display time, and delay time between two notifications.

Google Analytics

-Is there any way to track the attributions in Google Analytics? 

Yes, in our app you can track the User Acquisition Source Analytics by adding the Campaign Source & Medium in the Google Analytics option available under application settings.

Layout customization

-I would like to change the layout design of the recent sales popup, where can I find the options to change it?

In the Notification settings, you will find the option to change the layout of the recent sales popup. There are 3 design layouts available to select from.

Sales pop language

-I wish to change the text that appears on the sales popup. Also, can the text be added in my own language?

Yes, you can add the text in your preferred language to display it on the popup. Our app also offers some inbuilt labels to pull the additional information about products & orders. You can find this option under the Notifications module.

Color scheme

-From where can I change the color scheme of the recent sales popup?

In the notification module, you'll find the options to set the color of text, buttons & background of your sales popup.

Background image

-Can I add a background image instead of solid color on the sales popup?

Yes, from the notification module you can add an image to get it displayed in the background of your sales popup.

Display settings

-Where can I find the display settings to set the position, fonts, etc. of the sales popup?

You can find the options under the notifications module to configure the display settings of your sales popup.

Notification display cycle

-Is there any way to set the notification display cycle of the popups that appear on the store?

Yes from the notification module you can set the #no of notifications to appear on a page in a single cycle. After the cycle gets completed the popups will repeat themselves.


-What does the graph on the application dashboard define?

The graph displayed on the application dashboard defines the stats of the sales for the selected date range that was made via the popup that appears on our application.

Summary statistics

-I would like to receive an email notification on survey form submission, how can I achieve this?

In the application settings under the email notifications section, you'll find the option to enable/disable the form submission email notifications. Along the fields add the notification Email address, Subject, and Body content.


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If you’re using Safari, here’s the complete guide to blocking third-party cookies in safari.

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