New feature
a year ago

Klaviyo Integration

Dear valued subscribers,

We're thrilled to announce the newest update to our Reorder Master App: the Klaviyo integration! This powerful integration brings together Klaviyo's exceptional personalized post-purchase reminder capabilities and the Reorder Master App, ensuring your customers are always timely reminded to make a repurchase.

Why This Integration Matters:

  • Personalized Reminders: Tap into Klaviyo's robust tools to dispatch tailored reminders, ensuring customers are consistently nudged to revisit and reorder.
  • Strengthen Customer Loyalty: By automating post-purchase campaigns, not only do you remind customers to reorder, but you also cement enduring relationships, fostering an environment for repeat business.
  • Efficient Data Transfer: With this integration, the following data will be effortlessly transferred: Order Number, Order IDs, Customer Email, Customer Name, and Order Type - Reorder.

Discover more about this integration.

With the combined strength of the Reorder Master App and Klaviyo, elevate your customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue streams. As always, we're here for you. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out.

Warm regards,

Team HulkApps

New feature
a year ago

Transfer All Line Item Properties To Reorder

If your business offers various products with multiple options. If they decide to reorder, it’s important to support the customers reorder with those options parameters? With the Reorder Master app, you can automatically add extra order data with line item properties on reorders.

Head to your Integrations tab and turn the line attributes toggle on to ensure crucial data gets captured when you need them.

Major Update
08 February 2023

Subscription Reordering

Great appreciation!

Let's kick off the year with a noteworthy update. We are incredibly grateful to our loyal merchant,  who recently reached out to us with a specific request to determine if orders would trigger the correct platform, either a single purchase reorder or a subscription reorder.

The importance of subscription-based reordering

  • Brands in all industries depend on the availability of supplies, materials, and component parts to deliver their products, and these materials eventually run out.
  • Businesses can take advantage of this by setting up reordering and subscription options in their stores.
  • Even companies that sell customized products to other businesses may find opportunities to implement subscription-based reordering. Ensuring accurate reordering

With our latest release, both merchants and customers can accurately identify if a customer is placing a reorder for a subscription product or a one-time reorder. This information is currently displayed on the customer's account profile, Add-to-Cart, and checkout events.

We will include images to illustrate this shortly!

This shows that no matter who you are, you can always help us improve our app.         

New feature
03 February 2023

Reorder Reminder On Thank You Page

Hi there

Good news!  ✨ 

It is now possible to implement the reorder feature on the thank you page for customers to receive additional discounts on future purchases. 

Perfect if you want to upsell the most recent or the previous order items to your customers. Currently available on the Pro version.

Enjoy the latest feature!

UX/UI Enhancements
03 February 2023

Reorder reminder - Thank you page

Front-end side for customers to sign up for reorder reminders for additional discounts.

New feature
a year ago

Reorder Master x Mailchimp

Breaking News!

We are beyond excited to share that the HulkApps Reorder Master app integrates with Mailchimp! 

Following this integration, Pro Plan users will be able to create personalized campaigns & flows to remind customers that it's time to reorder.

To activate the Mailchimp integration, you can follow these steps.

If you have questions about this partnership or need help setting up your campaigns on Mailchimp, please email us at: help@hulk-support.com.

Thanks for being our biggest cheerleaders!