New feature
a year ago

Hulk Product Options App Meets Shopify Checkout API

Hello HulkApps community! 👋

We're thrilled to announce a major update to our Hulk Product Options app that's set to revolutionize the way you use Shopify. 🚀

We've integrated our app with Shopify's new Checkout API, opening up a world of possibilities for customization, integration, and superior checkout experiences. 

Here's a quick snapshot of what's new:

1️⃣ Checkout API Function: We've moved beyond the limitations of the Draft Order API logic. This new function gives you more control over your store's checkout process. It's all about flexibility and power.

2️⃣ Expanded Discount Capabilities: You can now offer all types of discounts to your customers, from "amount off" discounts to "buy X get Y" discounts, and even combined discount codes. The sky's the limit when it comes to rewarding your customers.

3️⃣ Seamless Integration: Our app now integrates seamlessly with upsell & Cross-sell apps like Reconvert, loyalty and referral apps like Growave, and many other third-party apps. It's like having a Swiss army knife for your Shopify store.

4️⃣ Multi-currency Support: Cater to your international customers with Shopify Payment’s multi-currency option, which automatically shows prices based on current foreign exchange rates. It's like having a personal currency converter for your store.*

5️⃣ Digital Product Processing with SkyPilot: Offer custom options not just for physical products, but process digital products as well with SkyPilot, a leading digital download delivery app.

6️⃣ Coming Soon - Shopify POS Integration: Get ready for even more flexibility and control over your store's operations with our upcoming Shopify POS integration. It's like having a command center for your Shopify store.

*Multi-currency Support is currently available only on the cart page, support for the checkout page is coming soon.

We're excited to see how you'll leverage these new features to create a more engaging and rewarding shopping experience for your customers. So why wait? Dive in and start exploring these new features today. And remember, we're here to support you on your Shopify journey. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements from HulkApps. Until next time, keep selling and keep shining! 🌟

As always, we're here to support you. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're excited to see how these new features will help your Shopify store grow!

New feature
a year ago

Landing Page Builder by EComposer Integration

We're thrilled to announce the Landing Page Builder by EComposer Integration. This partnership presents a brilliant chance for merchants to seamlessly integrate advanced product customization features onto their EComposer product pages.

  • How to install the extension? 

    • To get started with the extension, you need to have both the Hulk Product Options app and the EComposer Landing Page Builder installed on your Shopify admin.

  • Once you've installed the apps, head back to the extension in the EComposer app. You'll find an Extension popup where you have a couple of options to open it:

    • Click on the Extension icon at the top left corner.

    • Under the Extension tab, click on Add more.

  • In the final step of the process, search for the Hulk Product Options extension. Click the "Install now" button and wrap up the process.

  • How to incorporate Hulk Product Options widgets into EComposer? 

Please note: You must configure the settings from our Hulk Product Options app. This feature will only be operational on the live page when you add the extension to the EComposer's editor. Please note that It's designed for use specifically for the Product page section.

  • To add the widget, simply drag and drop it to your desired location on the page.

  • The result will be displayed on the live page, enhancing your product presentation.

New feature
a year ago

Email service Provider Integrations

Introducing the brand-new Email service provider Integration.

Get Hulk product options Integrated with the world’s most powerful and unified marketing automation Platforms like “Mailchimp” and “Klaviyo” and help your business with email marketing platforms Integration and execute your marketing campaigns smarter, more agile, and more impactful.

Collect customer data, Automatically add them as your subscribers, gather their purchase patterns, and collect all the necessary Analytics to plan your next business marketing.

Mailchimp Integration

(1) Log into your Mailchimp account and Create an API Token in your Mailchimp Account.

- Navigate to Profile Settings > Extras > API Keys > Create New Key



- Get Audience ID it can be found within All contact > settings > Audience name and Defaults > Audience ID


(2) Navigate to settings > Integrations > Email Service Provider and select Integration as Mailchimp and fill up your Mailchimp API Token Data and Audience ID and save it.


(3) As soon as the customer places an order their contact details will be Fetched in your subscribed Audience Data. Along with their purchase details.

                                         Klaviyo Integration

(1) Open your Klaviyo account and navigate to settings > Account > API keys > Create Private API Key



(2) Copy This API Key and fill them in the app’s Email service provider section. Navigate to settings > Integrations > Email Service Provider. Select Integration as Klaviyo and fill up your Klaviyo Private API Key and save it. 


(3) As soon as the customer places an order their contact details will be Fetched in your Klaviyo Analytics Data. Along with their purchase details, you can find them in Klaviyo Analytics > Metrics > HulkProductoption section


NOTE: Only one email service provider can be Integrated at a time

New feature
a year ago

Formula Based Product Option

We’re thrilled to announce the Formula-based product option type.

This option type will help merchants in defining and customize product options by using mathematical formulas.

It allows businesses to offer a wide range of product options and configurations to customers without the need for manual calculations. businesses can easily configure and update pricing and product options to reflect changes in inventory, production costs, and customer demand.

This reduces the need for manual calculations, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Formula-based product option types can be used to calculate pricing based on factors such as color, size, and design. The formulas can be used to calculate pricing based on the specific customization options selected by the customer.

Please note that this feature is only available for the options created via our app.

To make a Formula based option type, the following steps need to be performed,

(1) Add a new option

(2) Fill in your options Display name, unique name, help text, and tooltip data, and choose “Formula-based options” type.

(3) Set up the formula For Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division and save it. here are the Description of how each field can be utilized

Add Default value – if a value in your formula is fixed then Add Default value is used. a Default value can be any number that your customer doesn’t need to modify.

Add label value – if a value in your formula is variable then Add Label Field is used.

(e.g. 1+___ = Answer; 5*___= Answer; 8/___=Answer)

Here 1,5 and 8 in the above formulas are Fixed values that can be added using Add Default value and blank values which needs to be calculated can be added using Add Label.

Label – Define the names of your value

Tooltip – Add a little description of your value for a better understanding of the merchant

Min – Max value – Restrict your customer from entering values beyond a certain range

Arithmetic operator – Setup your formula using arithmetic operators like + (Plus), - (minus), / (Divide), *(Multiple)

(4) Add a Formula-based option to the Required option set to make it live on your product.

(5) Formula-based Option is live now. 


New feature
a year ago

Change product Thumbnail on the combination of multiple product options selection

Change product Thumbnail on the combination of multiple product options selection

We’re happy to announce that our Hulk product options app will now let merchants change their product Image thumbnail on the clicks of product options

This feature will enable merchants to show customers their customized product images on their selected option choices and let them directly preview their purchase.

It will change their product page thumbnail on the selection of multiple options.

Merchants can combine multiple options from different option types like Swatch, Dropdown, button, Colour/Image Dropdown, and Radio Button and assign a product thumbnail Image on the click of these options

 Please note that this feature is only available for the Options created via our app

To take advantage of this Image change feature, the following steps need to be performed

Enable Change product image/thumbnail on the option selection checkbox from your option, please enable it in all the options for which the Thumbnail image needs to be changed

Edit the option set and enable the checkbox of “Image change option combination” for all the options for which the Thumbnail image needs to be changed.

Identify your  product Thumbnail Image class from your theme codes and add that class within our app’s Target selector “Product images parents selectors”

Please take note that these settings require prior Liquid Coding knowledge to target the classes, IDs, and attributes, from your theme files, to apply/target the app features on it. If you are having difficulties in It, please contact our customer experience Team.

Connect Product images with product options by adding the product option name in the Image’s Alt text

If a Thumbnail image needs to be changed with the click of one option, then the alt text would be the option name itself. option name and alt text name should be exactly the same to interconnect them.

If a Thumbnail image needs to be changed on the click of multiple options, then alt text would be all the option names with an Underscore (_) sign differentiating them

It would be in this format (OPTION NAME 1 _ OPTION NAME 2_OPTION NAME 3)