• In this section, you can create and customize your product options, set up conditions, and create and define option sets. Provide customers access to all your options with checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, uploaded images, color swatches, buttons, and more.


  • Hulk Product Options provides a total of four types of options categories: 

       - Choose Any One (Radio Buttons, Dropdown Menu, Swatch, Button)

       - Choose Multiple (Checkbox, Dropdown Menu, Swatch) 

       - Text Input (Short text, Paragraph text, Email, Phone, Hidden Field)

       - Other (File Upload, Date Field, Number Field)


Option sets

  • You can select the options that you have created and prepare a set of options to apply to products for an easy and efficient setup.


  • Create rules that will show or hide additional options based on their previous selections. E.g., For E.g., unless the customized shirt option was selected in the previous step, hide the file upload option that asks for their logo.