• In this section, you can customize two different aspects of our app customization: display settings and general settings.

  • Title - Compliment your store brand with your preferred color combination. Adjust font size, alignment, padding, and font weight for the product options title.

  1. Update your options title name

  2. Choose the title’s font size

  3. Align your title to the left, right, or center

  4. Choose the padding

  5. Add background color

  6. Choose the border color of the title section

  7. Change the text color

  8. Choose font-weight

  • Container Style - Customize product options container with your theme color design and padding, and allow your customers to see help text and tooltip details.

  1. Change the background color of the container

  2. Change the border color of the container

  3. Choose the line color that separates your options

  4. Customize the  padding of the container

  5. Customize the gap between the two options

  6. Enable the tooltip for your options

  7. Enable help text for your options

  • Option display text – Our application offers a design customization feature that offers the ability to match the look and feel of the options display text with your theme

  1. Change the width of your option name

  2. Choose your options alignment: left, right, or center

  3. Change the font size of the options

  4. Change the options color and match it with your theme

      5. Choose font-weight
      6. Choose option placement; it can be on the left or above the values

  • Option values – Our application lets you customize options orientation, font weight, size, etc.

  1. Choose the font size option values

  2. Choose the text color of option values

  3. Choose font-weight

  4. Set your checkbox/radio buttons in a horizontal or vertical alignment

  5. Set the character limit text to your preferred language

  • Swatches – customize swatch height, width, hover text position, and shape according to your preference.

  1. Change the height of swatches

  2. Change the width of swatches

  3. Choose whether you want to display the tooltip or not

  4. Choose where you want to show the swatch image (top or bottom)

  5. Choose whether you want to show text and an image, or only text

  6. Choose between the round and square shapes of swatches

  7. Show the image value next to the swatch image

  • Button - Modify the look and feel of your button options to complement your store brand.

  1. Choose the background color of the button

  2. Choose the border-color

  3. Choose the color of the button text

  • Total Amount Note – Modify the total amount note text to your preferred language and customize the look and feel to match it with your theme.

  1. Edit the total amount note on your preferred text or language

  2. Change the background color of the total amount note

  3. Change the border color of the total amount note

  4. Change the text color of the total amount note

  5. Change the color of the amount shown

  • Advanced Styling - Inject custom CSS codes and change every aspect of the options, from styling to functionality. If you are facing any difficulties with CSS and JS, our coding experts can assist you with your customization. 

  1. Define the styling of our product options container by adding your own custom CSS

  2. Add dynamic behavior to our app options by adding your own custom JS to our product options

  3. Change the customization text, which appears on the checkout page.