New feature
a year ago

Conditional logic is finally here!

We are happy to announce the new feature you requested: conditional logic.

It should indeed provide a significant enhancement to the user experience and provide you with more valuable, tailored information. 

Conditional logic: what is it about?

The introduction of conditional logic in our post-purchase app allows you to pose more detailed and specific questions to your customers. Depending on their response to a particular question, you can set up the system to ask follow-up questions. For instance, if you ask, "Are you happy with your purchase?" and a customer answers "No," you can set up the app to then ask, "What issue did you encounter?"

The feature will enable you to understand your customers better, get detailed feedback, and tailor your offerings accordingly. This targeted approach helps eliminate redundant questions, ensuring that your customers' time is well-spent and their feedback is relevant.

What are we bringing to you with this new app feature?

Flexibility: With this feature, you can use conditional logic to make feedback forms more dynamic and responsive. It allows you to design the feedback forms with flexibility, creating a tree-like structure of questions that adapt to the customer's input.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By asking relevant and specific questions, you're more likely to increase customer engagement. Customers appreciate when their time is valued and their feedback is tailored to their experience, making them more likely to provide valuable insights.

Quality over Quantity: This feature emphasizes getting quality feedback over the sheer volume of responses. By honing in on the specifics of each customer's experience, merchants can gain deep insights that can significantly improve their products and services.

Data Analysis: With more specific and relevant feedback, data analysis can become more accurate and beneficial. This can lead to better business decisions and strategies.

Learning and Improvement: The integration of conditional logic isn't just a one-off process. As you gather feedback and understand more about your customers' behaviors and preferences, you can continue to refine your questions and logic paths for even better results in the future.

The goal is not just to get more feedback, but to get feedback that's actionable

With this conditional logic feature, you will have a powerful tool at your disposal to do just that.

How to set it up?

You can now use the new feature simply by following these steps:

  • Visit the app dashboard 
  • Go to the Settings tab 
  • Find General settings/ Survey questions section 
  • After adding the first question which is required, add another question. Now you will see a checkbox named "condition", just as shown in the image below.

Set up your condition, and you are good to go!

Core App Features
10 July 2023

Conditional logic

Add conditional Logic some of the answers

New feature
a year ago

You can now customize dropdown and text area survey questions for foreign languages!

We are happy to announce a great update to our Contact Us app

How exactly do you benefit from this feature?

User experience improvement

Offering customized survey questions in different languages can significantly improve the user experience and help you gather more accurate data from a wider range of participants. It's essential to make sure that the language and terminology used in the survey are clear and understandable to the target audience.

Having the ability to customize the dropdown and text area survey questions with foreign language placeholders can enhance the level of personalization and engagement for your users. It can also help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings that may arise from language barriers.

Overall, this feature is an excellent addition to our Post Purchase Survey app, and we believe it will be well-received by the users!

How do you customize the placeholders?

It is actually pretty straightforward:

  • Open the app dashboard
  • Go to the Settings tab 
  • Go to Text customization, as shown below
  • Enter the text you want to be shown for your buttons and you are all set!

Admin App Enhancements
09 May 2023

Customization for the text area and dropdown buttons

Add a dynamic text for text area and dropdown options

New feature
08 May 2023

Export responses adjusted for a pivot table

We are excited to announce that from now on, you can export the responses received through our PPS app and use it to create a pivot table.

What are we bringing to you with this new app feature?

Ease of creating pivot tables

Some of our merchants faced the problem of creating pivot tables, since the regular export included multiple empty rows, which created a problem when creating pivot tables.

With this new option, you can select a checkbox to export responses adjusted to a pivot table.

How to export responses adjusted for a pivot table?


  • Open the app dashboard
  • Go to the Responses tab 
  • Click on the Export button, as shown below
  • Check the checkbox "Make the export adjusted to pivot tables" and you are all set!

Also, if you do not need this type of export, but want to export it in a usual way, just do not check the checkbox, and your export will look the exact same way it used to.

Core App Features
09 May 2023

Export responses adjusted for a pivot table

New feature
26 August 2022

Date stamp and date picker are here! 

We are happy to inform you that another feature you requested is live!

From now on, you can export the responses from the defined period of time.

In the Responses tab within our app, you can find a provided date picker. 

Select the date here and export the responses.

Another amazing thing is that of now you are also provided with the date column in the exported responses sheet.

Happy Friday!  

Admin App Enhancements
26 August 2022

Allow us to export results from a specific date range.

Crazy that this has never been implemented. When doing a monthly analysis of results we do not want to see everything at the same time. It's unnecessary to just make this an ever-increasing file size...soon the file will be too large to send via email.

Admin App Enhancements
26 August 2022

Add a date column to the report

Add a date column to the response report sheet

11 August 2022

What is new in Post Purchase NPS Survey?

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing a new update to your Post Purchase NPS Survey app.

Here's what's new: 

Order Value Column

With this feature now you can see the order value associated with each survey response. This column is automatically added to your responses section so you can check it out there.

This is what it looks like

Core App Features
15 August 2022

Order value column