How does carrier mapping work?

How to fix past orders carriers? How to set the carriers? Do I need to match my custom carrier to a Shopify-supported carrier?
Note: If you have similar concerns, you are in the right place. This step plays a crucial role in getting your tracking page working.

Once you install the app, it automatically syncs with your past 60 days' orders and displays your complete order history within a few minutes. 

If you are using a custom carrier, at the time of fulfillment, you must select a carrier from the drop-down list with the respective Shopify carrier for every single order individually. 

Please follow the steps to set the carrier to implement the Order Status Tracker.


Please keep this field unchecked: Send shipment details to your customer now.

Set the carriers

Step 1:

  1. Order Status Tracker > Settings > General settings > Carrier mapping

Step 2:

Search for the carrier(s) you work with and enable them here.

After the orders match the correct carriers, the app will get the shipping information from the actual carrier's website and showcase it on our tracking page.

If you are not sure how to work with carrier mapping, please contact us.