How does your order limit quota work?

The system counts the quota based on the number of your orders synced to the Order Status Tracker app.

Why can't my customer track any historical orders?

Any orders placed before 17th March 2020, 21:00:00 UTC, won't be tracked by the application. 

With the latest upgrade, we have partnered with a 3rd-Party Courier Tracking service to enhance your customers' order-tracking experience. 

I have just installed the application and have successfully configured everything, but why can't I still track any orders?

The orders placed after the application is enabled in your store can only be tracked. The system will automatically sync their last-7-day orders for Free. You can sync up to 60 orders in the past if you choose to. New coming orders will be automatically synced in real-time.

I've just upgraded the plan still I can't track the orders, why is it so?

 Order Status Tracker provides unlimited order lookups. Once you run out of your plan order limits, the orders outside your quota will no longer be synced. Let us give you an example to clarify any confusion.

Let's assume that I'm a new user and on a free plan of the app. Then my customers will only be able to track the first 25 orders placed in the store ("Not tracked"). 

Once the limit of 25 orders is exceeded (let's say the limit is exceeded on the 10th date of that month), no further order details will be passed to the tracking service until they upgrade the plan. (Let's assume that I've upgraded the plan (on the 15th date of that month) then the order service will be resumed. 

Here the orders placed between the 10th and 15th date won't be tracked as no details are passed to the Easy post service.