1. Do we need to create our own Apple and Google Developer accounts to get the app published on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

Yes, it is required to create your personal/organizational developer account on both platforms to get the app published on these platforms.

NOTE: If your app developers' account request is under process/in the review then HulkApps can submit the app from their developer account and will transfer the app to the merchant's developer account once their developer account is ready.

2. How much time does it take for the apps to go live on both platforms?

Apple takes around 3-5 working days to review and approve the app on the Apple App Store.

Google takes around 5-7 working days to review and approve the app on the Google Play Store.

NOTE: It takes a day or two for Apple and Google to optimize their search results for your app to appear in the search results.

3. How can I create my Apple Developer account?

We always recommended creating an Organization Developer account for Apple since it will only allow a third-party developer (us) to upload and submit the app for review if the account is Organization. 

With the Individual developer account, Apple doesn't allow a third-party developer (us) to upload and submit the app for review and we have to request the Admin User credentials to login into the Developer account and complete the process.

Please follow this link to create your Apple Developer account. 

4. How can I create my Google Play Console account? 

Please follow this link to create your Google Play Console account.

5. What other accounts do I need to create to get my app published on Android and iOS platforms? 

Along with the Apple and Google Developer accounts. A user is also requested to create a Google Firebase Console account for the Push Notifications Certification which is required to enable the Push Notifications.

Once you are ready with your account, please send the invitation to mobile@hulkapps.com with admin permissions. And please make sure to enable the Google Cloud Messaging API.

6. Where do I need to send the invite once my developer accounts are ready?

Send the invitations to mobile@hulkapps.com with Admin permissions.

7. What are the details/information that we need to submit/get ready in order to get the apps Published on Google and Apple App stores?

  • Apple and/or Google Developer account - Mandatory
  • App Name - Mandatory
  • App Subtitle - Mandatory
  • App Icon (Recommended Size: 1024x1024px) - Mandatory
  • SplashScreen (Recommended Size: 1024x1024px) - Mandatory
  • Placeholder/Loading Image (Recommended Size: 1024x1024px) - Mandatory
  • Google Play Store Banner (Recommended Size: 1024x1024px) - Mandatory
  • App's Primary Category - Mandatory
  • App's Secondary Category - Mandatory
  • Search keywords  - Mandatory
  • App Description  - Mandatory
  • Marketing URL - Optional
  • Support URL- Optional
  • Privacy Policy URL- Optional
  • Contact Information  - Mandatory
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Contact No.
    • Contact Email ID
  • App Icon Notification (Android Only - Recommended Size: 96x96px)  - Mandatory