1. Navigate

In this tutorial customer’s associate name is displayed on the collections page of the Shopify store. To start, navigate to the Master Metafield application, and in Customer look for the customer to add metafield for. In this example, a customer is chosen to display its associate on it.

2. Create Metafield

Now click on the customer and create the metafield by adding up the details.

3. Metafield Review

Created Metafield will look similar to this. Here the value is displayed in HTML format because the metafield type is Rich Text.

4. Copying Metafield

Now copy the metafield code of the metafield that has been created.

5. Adding Metafield in the theme coding

Now navigate to the “Online Store” menu and look for the edit code option under the ‘Action’ dropdown option.

Now under the ‘customer/account.liquid’ file of the Shopify store theme, Place the code where ever the metafield is meant to be displayed. In this example, the code is placed below the log-out button. Save the file.

6. Preview on store

Now, in theme preview. The metafield is displayed below the logout button.

And now user can customize the look and feel of the Metafield according to your theme style using custom CSS.