How to integrate the MailChimp mail services with the application?

  • The app allows you to integrate your favorite email marketing tools - MailChimp & Klaviyo to add more value to your email marketing efforts.
  • Simply follow the below steps to integrate the tools:
  1. Go to the app dashboard
  2. Navigate to Integration
  3. Click on Mail Integration
  4. Select the service provider from the dropdown of Service Provider & click on Connect.
  5. If you select MailChimp, you’ll be asked to authenticate your account by providing the username & password.
  6. If you go for Klaviyo, you’ll be asked to enter an API Key. Click on Connect after entering the API Key and you’re done

Can you please list out the type of mail services the application support?

  • Currently, our application supports two types of email services that can be integrated with our application, they are: MailChimp and Klaviyo

How many integrations can be used at a time?

  • A user can connect both the email services with the application but can use only one email service at a time, both cannot work simultaneously.