What are the types of Badge I can create in your application?

Currently, our 'Badge Master' app allows the user to create two types of Badges:

Payment badges and trust icons.

How can I disable the 'Trust Badges' ?

Navigate to the 'Trust Badges' from the application dashboard and turn off the "Enable Trust Badges" toggle button.

How can I disable the 'Payment Icons'?

Navigate to the 'Payment Icons' from the application dashboard and turn off the "Enable Payment Icons" toggle button.

Can I configure the header text which is displayed above the Badges?

Yes, In the particular Badge there is a section to configure the header text in which users can customize it,  select the fonts of their choice along with color, size, alignment and weight.

Can I change the alignment and color/size of the Badges?

Yes, In the particular Badge there is a section to configure the Badge alignment along with its color and size for both Mobile and Desktop devices.

How many Badges can be selected at a time to be displayed on the store's front end?

You can select as many Badges as you need.

Can I keep both the badges 'Trust Icon' & 'Payment Icon' active at the same time?

Yes, both types of Badges can be kept active at the same time.

What is the recommended pixel size for badge upload?

For best results, we recommend an Image size of 600x600 pixels or higher.

Where can I preview the badges in the application?

In both the Badge types (Settings tab, next to the Dashboard), there is a Badge preview section, where you can preview your selected badges.

I have activated the badges and have also integrated the application with my theme but still, the Badges aren't displayed in my store?

Badges aren't displayed in your store because you haven't placed the file in your theme template. Please place the code:

<div class="hulkapps-trust-icons"><div>

in your desired location of the template file.

Is there any way to get the badges displayed as per my preference, wherever I need them to be displayed?

Yes, in the template file of your store, you can place the code:

<div class="hulkapps-trust-icons"><div>

wherever you need the badges to be displayed.

Why the app is not loading?

Many a time, due to the third-party cookies, apps keep on loading and never reach an end. In this case, you simply need to block third-party cookies from your browser.

If you’re using Chrome, here’s a guide on blocking third-party cookies.

If you’re using Safari, here’s the complete guide to blocking third-party cookies in safari.

Once you’ve blocked the cookies, simply reload the app. If the issue persists after these steps, contact our support executives at support@hulkcode.com

From where do I set up the badges/icons in my OS 2.0 theme?

For OS 2.0 themes, you can use the theme extensions to configure the badges to display in your storefront. From where do I set up the badges/icons using the shortcode in my theme?

You can configure the badges using the shortcode from the app backend for any theme.