New feature
9 months ago

Taking Age Verification to the Next Level: Introducing Regional Restrictions

Hello, dear users! We're thrilled to announce a new feature release for our Hulk Age Verification app. We've been listening to your feedback, and we're always striving to make our app more user-friendly and efficient. Today, we're introducing a feature that allows you to set up different age restrictions for multiple regions within a country. Previously, this could only be set up at the national level.

Let's take Canada as an example. The legal drinking age in Canada varies between 18 and 19 years old depending on the province or territory. With our new feature, if you're selling alcohol, you can now set up different age restrictions for each province or territory, ensuring that you're always in compliance with local laws.

Why is this important?

Different regions within a country can have varying age restrictions for certain products. For instance, the legal drinking age might differ from one state to another. With our new feature, you can now set up different age restrictions for each region, ensuring that you're always in compliance with local laws.

Benefits of the New Feature

  1. Enhanced Compliance: With the ability to set up regional age restrictions, you can ensure that your business stays compliant with local age restriction laws. This reduces the risk of legal issues and helps maintain a positive brand image.

  2. Improved User Experience: By setting up regional age restrictions, you can provide a more personalized user experience. Customers will appreciate that you're taking their local laws into account, which can help build trust and loyalty.

  3. Increased Flexibility: This feature gives you more control over who can access your age-restricted products. You can tailor your restrictions based on the specific laws and norms of each region.

  4. Geo-Based Restrictions: The new feature works seamlessly with our existing geo-based restrictions feature. This means you can limit access to sensitive products for underage buyers by country and by region within that country.

Wrapping Up

We're excited about this new feature and believe it will provide significant benefits for our users. As always, we're committed to helping you boost legal compliance, safeguard your website, and enhance the user experience.

We hope you find this new feature useful and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any questions or need assistance setting up regional age restrictions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to the Hulk Age Verification app, and make sure to leave us a review if you enjoy our app!

New feature
10 months ago

Restricting products by tags is here!

We're happy to announce a new feature, the one you requested!

What is it about?

This is a useful addition to our Age Verification app! By allowing merchants to restrict products by tags, we're simplifying the process and reducing the effort required for them to manage age-restricted items.

With this new feature, you can assign appropriate tags to your products, indicating whether they are age-restricted or not. The app can then use these tags to automatically enforce age restrictions without the need for you to enter individual product URLs.

By leveraging tags, we provide a more flexible and scalable solution. You can easily update or modify the tags assigned to your products, making it convenient to add or remove age restrictions as needed. This flexibility allows you to respond quickly to changes in regulations or company policies regarding age-restricted products.

Furthermore, implementing tag-based restrictions can also improve the overall user experience. Customers who are browsing your store will have a clearer understanding of which products are age-restricted, as these items will be clearly marked with the appropriate tags. This transparency can help prevent unintentional access to age-inappropriate content and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Overall, introducing the ability to restrict products by tags in your Age Verification app streamlines the process for merchants and provides a more efficient and user-friendly experience for both sellers and customers.

How do I set it up?

You can now just use the new feature by taking these few simple steps:

  • Visit the app dashboard 
  • Go to the Settings tab 
  • Find Set up Display criteria
  • Check the checkbox Display popup based on product and collection tags

Enter the tag you need (in the case of multiple tags, separate them by a comma) and you're all set!

Core App Features
12 June 2023

Restrict products by tags

New feature
a year ago

Popup shown to the clients located in selected countries

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing a new feature!

What is it about?

This new feature will be incredibly helpful for your business that sells age-restricted goods across different countries. 

By allowing you to specify different age limits for different countries, it will help ensure that you are complying with local laws and regulations and that you are providing a safe and responsible shopping experience for your customers.

How do I set it up?

You can now just use the new feature by taking these few simple steps:

  • Visit the app dashboard 
  • Go to the Settings tab 
  • Find Set up geographical restrictions
  • Check the checkbox Restrict Age Verification pop-up to selected countries only as shown in the image below

How to pull different age limits for different countries?

Simply by using {{minimum_age}} variable as shown in the image. 

Inserting this variable into the subheading text will pull it automatically and show the different age limit for clients located in various geographical areas, as defined by the merchant.

Save your preferences, and you are good to go!

Core App Features
16 May 2023

Introduce different age limit popup for specified countries

New feature
05 July 2022

More customization!

We added new features to our AV 18+ app!

We are happy to announce that you can now customize your Age Verification pop-up window by changing the font style, aside from its color and size. This feature has been added in the settings section/customization.

Also, from now on, you will be able to choose between European and US date formats when defining the birthdate entry by your customers. You will find this option in the settings section when you select “Verify via birthdate".

Thank you for your valuable feedback, and patience. We are looking forward to implementing more features and meeting your needs on a higher level!

Happy Tuesday!

UX/UI Enhancements
05 July 2022

Add a European Date Format

Admin App Enhancements
05 July 2022

Add more font styles

New feature
10 May 2022

New integration: Looped in

The biggest goal for us here at HulkApps is to make our merchants’ lives easier and their businesses more successful. We have made that process more straightforward after years of adding features according to the merchants’ inputs with our Public Roadmaps!
This new integration comes with a high number of features.

  1. Public Roadmaps:
    You can now see our planned updates, features, integrations, etc. If you see something you wish to be done sooner, we encourage you to vote and leave comments on those features.

  2. Ideas section:
    If you need an unplanned feature or have an excellent idea for one of our apps, feel free to submit the concept - we promise we will do our best to deliver.

  3. Updates and articles:
    Each new update or piece of relevant information will be posted in our updates and articles area. Changelogs have been upgraded.

Bottom line:

We value your feedback and try hard to deliver the best possible results to our merchants; many great features are coming, so don’t miss them.