Hulk Advanced Wishlist and Shopify POS (Point of Sale) integration bridges the gap between your online store and physical retail locations, creating a seamless, personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Key Features

Get insights into customers' online interactions, such as browsing history and wishlist items, right from the Shopify POS system.

  • (COMING SOON) Unified Insights: Access customers’ online browsing and purchase history directly from the Shopify POS system, enabling a comprehensive understanding of their preferences.
  • Wishlist Management: View and manage customers’ wishlists from the Shopify POS interface. Add items to their wishlist, ensuring that their favorite products are saved for future purchases.
  • (COMING SOON) Seamless Cart Transition: Easily move items from a customer’s shopping cart to their wishlist when they decide not to purchase immediately, allowing them to revisit and buy later.
  • (COMING SOON) Product Alerts: Sign customers up for back-in-stock alerts on out-of-stock products directly from the store, keeping them informed and engaged.

How it works

Once the Hulk Advanced Wishlist app is installed on your Shopify store, and the POS extension is set up on your Shopify POS system, the enhanced features become readily available. Here’s how it functions:

  1. Customer Activity Tracking: Capture customer activities on your online store, such as product views, wishlist additions, cart updates, and purchases.
  2. Data Sync: This data is stored and associated with the customer’s login or email address.
  3. POS Integration: When the customer visits your physical store, your sales associates can retrieve this information via the Shopify POS system. Any actions taken in-store, like adding items to the wishlist or setting up product alerts, are updated in real-time.
  4. Consistent Experience: These updates ensure that when the customer logs back into your online store, their wishlist and shopping history reflect the latest activities from both online and in-store interactions.


This feature is available exclusively to Shopify merchants who are subscribed to the Ultimate plan of Hulk Advanced Wishlist and have Shopify POS system set up.


We are confident that the Hulk Advanced Wishlist x Shopify POS integration will help you deliver a superior shopping experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Embrace this new feature to seamlessly connect your online and offline sales channels, and watch your customer engagement soar. Read our step-by-step guide.