We’re excited to finally open up a trove of new and improved features on the Advanced Wishlist app so that folks on Shopify can get more out of Wishlist from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wishlist Items Allocation on app usage

We have different plans that cater to different session volumes. Each plan includes a preset number of Add to Wishlist Actions allowed in total. You may use the allotted wishlist actions until the limit is reached.

Currently, we have four plans with different app usage quotas starting from 1,000 items, 10,000 items, 50,000 items, and up to unlimited items. 

When the wishlist usage in a given month exceeds 80% of your plan’s limits, we will proactively send an email notification to your admin email address, informing you of the usage levels and recommending that you upgrade to the next available plan. When you upgrade your plan, your app quota is automatically increased to the new plan’s quota.

What are Add to Wishlist Actions?

Add to Wishlist Actions are added to a store's plan when your customer adds an item to his/her wishlist.

The app will keep track of each wishlist activity and compare it to your app's plan limit. If there is a Wishlist allocation breach, the app will be disabled on your site until the plan is upgraded to include a higher plan.

How do I change my Advanced Wishlist plan?

Changing your Advanced Wishlist plan is simple. Click on the Pricing tab in the app's Admin Panel, where you can choose your preferred plan.

Does removing an item from the Wishlist impact the Total Allocation?

If a user removes an item from their wishlist, the usage count does not decrease, as our system only counts the Add to Wishlist actions and not the number of products.

Will I lose my wishlist data if I exceed my limits?

If you exceed your total allocated limits, there will be no impact on your existing Wishlist settings. You will still be able to access your wishlist data but the Wishlist button will continue to appear on your store's pages, but users will not be able to items in their wishlists.

Can I restrict specific users from viewing product information on the wishlist?

You can choose to make a login mandatory for your users. However, the app is unable to restrict specific users from wishlisting products from your store.

Currently, my customers don't have the ability to create multiple wishlists, is there something I'm missing out on? 

We have already implemented the “Multiple Wishlist” feature in our application. To enable this feature and provide your customers with the ability of multiple wishlists head to the application Settings tab > General settings > Enable the feature:

What is the limit for customers to create multiple wishlist pages on their account?

There is no limit on how many wishlist pages your customers can create on their accounts.

Is there any way that my customers can share their wishlists via social media or a public link?

Of course. We have implemented this feature so your customer can share their wishlist with friends and family. To enable this feature and provide your customers with the ability to share their wishlist, head to the application Settings tab > Layout appearance > Scroll down > Share button section > Click on Show/hide button

I wish to send an email to reach out to my merchants who are subscribed to the wishlist when there is a Price Drop, or a product they have added to the wishlist is back in stock. Is this possible?

Yes. It is possible to update your customers in case of changes to the product they wished for.
To enable this feature head to the application Settings tab > Email settings > Enable the features: 

You can also edit the content of your emails by clicking on the preview:

Then on your preview click Edit your email.

I want to display wishlisted items per customer, how do I do that?
This feature is possible and you can find it following these steps: please head to the app > click on "Wishlist" > On the right side is located"Filter by the button": https://d.pr/0WmnKQ > click on this button > select customer.


When I add two identical products to the cart, one via wishlist and the other via collection, it creates different product rows in the cart (same product).

The design of the app works this way. Shopify regards products as different if any property passed by an app makes them different. Our app has a specific feature where we pass a property to distinguish a product added from the wishlist, separate from the same product added from a collection. 

Why does the app pass a different property when a product is added to the wishlist?

This is to provide accurate revenue information from the app. The distinct property allows us to track and generate a precise revenue report for products added from the wishlist.  

What happens if the products in the cart become the same?

If the products are considered the same in the cart, we will not be able to calculate the exact revenue. The revenue will be estimated based on probabilities, which might not be accurate. 

Why is it important to distinguish products added from the wishlist when creating an order?

This unique property is essential while creating an order because it helps us count the exact revenue generated solely from wishlist products, ensuring an accurate reflection of our app's performance.

While implementing APIs, is it possible to get the metafields of the variant body?

No, since Shopify doesn't support passing variant body HTML.